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28 Week Substance Use Recovery Group Every Wednesday 5:30 p.m.-7:00 p.m.

Our outpatient substance use recovery group uses a blend of the evidence-based Matrix curriculum and Wellbriety (12 Step Concepts) to help support those struggling with substance use disorders. The blend of this treatment style allows group members to get different perspectives and tools to reach the goal of promoting a healthy, sober lifestyle and empower clients to maintain sobriety.

Week 1: Substance Abuse and Self Destructive Behaviors-Cycle of Life

Week 2: Guilt and Shame-Two Thought Process

Week 3: Recognizing and Reducing Stress-Overview of 12 Steps

Week 4: Recovery Checklist-Repairing Relationships-Making Amends

Week 5: Trust-Thought Process

Week 6: Truthfulness-Introduction to Mind Mapping

Week 7: Spirituality-Step 3 Work

Week 8: Recreational Activities-Taking Care of Yourself-Four Laws of Change-Taking Back Your Power

Week 9: Be Smart Not Strong-Four Directions of Growth

Week 10: Dealing with Feelings and Depression-Step 4 Work-Resentment

Week 11: Acceptance-Step 6 and 7 Work

Week 12: Living in the Present-Making New Friends-Comfort Zone

Week 13: Relapse Justification-Step 7 Work

Week 14: Separating Thoughts-Step 5 Work

Week 15: Behaviors-The Prophecies-Self-Talk

Week 16: Separating Thoughts, Behaviors, Emotions-Thoughts, Emotions, Spirituality-Four Laws of Change

Week 17: Relapse Drift Worksheet-Step 10 and 11 Work

Week 18: Relapse Prevention and Addiction-Step 5 Fear and Resentment

Week 19: Relapse Prevention-Step 5 Work

Week 20: Relapse Prevention-Emotional Buildup-Step 5 Fear

Week 21: Triggers-Step 8 and 9 Work

Week 22: Boredom-Fear Inventory

Week 23: Internal Triggers-Managing Anger-Two Thought Process

Week 24: Road Map for Recovery-The Wall-Healing Forest

Week 25: Alcohol Arguments-Total Abstinence-Who am I Story

Week 26: Compulsive Behaviors

Week 27: Stay Busy-Work and Recovery-My Past is My Mirror Story

Week 28: Motivation for Recovery-Step 12 Work

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